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Hey Guys!


I am super excited to give away some amazing products from Zwilling to eight of you! 


I so appreciate all of your support and wish I could send a gift to each one of you. Every time you watch a video of mine on YouTube or read a blog post, it really makes my day!


Scroll down to read how I use my Zwilling Fresh and Save system and directions to enter this giveaway!



I have been using the Zwilling Fresh & Save system for over two years and I really love it. The vacuum saver sucks the air out of the food container so that the food stays fresh up to 5 times longer! I am always really impressed with how well food keeps using this system. I have not found anything that works nearly as well!


There are two ways you can use this system. The first is using a glass container which is a little more of an investment. The second is some bags you can use which are great option for saving space. You can open, close, and reuse these bags and I use them in the cabinet, fridge or freezer. I use the Zwilling system multiple times a day and the containers and bags are great quality – I have been using the same ones for over two years.


It is a small investment at the beginning, but I quickly made my money back with the hundreds of dollars of food we have saved.



Here are a few ways that I use the Zwilling Fresh & Save system:


Freeze eggs using the Zwilling bags. I crack the eggs into a muffin tin, cracking one egg per muffin tin spot. Once they are frozen, I pop them out and freeze them using the Zwilling system. These are perfect to make into omelets or for baking.


Save mushrooms in the Zwilling bags in the freezer. Blanch the mushrooms first to make sure they keep moisture and don’t dry out. Then, lay them in a single layer on parchment paper on a cookie sheet so that they freeze individually and not clumped together. This helps to save space. Once they are frozen, put them into the Zwilling bag and vacuum the air out.



For fresh vegetables, you can keep them in bags or the containers. For something like zucchinis, those are easy to store in the Zwilling bags. For leafy green vegetables, I put them in the Zwilling glass containers and they keep fresh for so long. It is really amazing!


I store leftovers in the Zwilling containers as well to keep them fresh!


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Here are the products that I highly recommend, love, and use!

7-PC STARTER SET comes with free small plastic lunch box with Promo code: SCANDISHHOME (all caps)


To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below on this post to confirm that you have a Zwilling pump and  you would like to enter this giveaway!


I will send the winners an email using the email address that is entered when you leave a comment. Please note that I am only able to send the giveaway gifts to addresses in the USA.


This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, 6/4/2023.  I will contact the winner via email no later than Saturday 6/11/2023.


See you soon!

❤ Noemi

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