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20 Tips for a Clean Kitchen

with Homemade Cleaners

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In this post, I am going to share with you 20 tips for how I deep clean my kitchen. I use all of my own homemade cleaners to clean every room in my house. You can see the recipes for these cleaners here on my website. They are all budget friendly and effective!

Herb Infused Water for All Purpose Cleaner

My all purpose cleaner is very easy to make! I love to start with herb-infused water to make the homemade cleaners smell so good. To make the herb-infused water, I love to harvest thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, and lemon verbena from my garden. I add these to boiling water and let them steep. Sometimes, I also add orange or lemon slices. Another option that is a bit quicker is to just add essential oils to the water. Just follow the recipe in this post using the herb-infused water and you have an all purpose cleaner for your kitchen!

20 Tips for a Clean Kitchen

Garbage Disposal

To clean the garbage disposal and eliminate any bad odor, you can reuse the herbs from the all purpose cleaner! I chop them up and put them in an ice tray with some water and freeze it. Just plop one of these herb-infused ice cubes in the garbage disposal to freshen it up!

Burnt Pot

To clean a burnt pot, just add baking soda and 1 drop of dish soap. Simmer this with enough water to create about 1 cm of water in the bottom of the pot. Rinse in the sink and you will have a clean pot again!

Greasy Glass Cook Top

Using dish soap and plenty of water with vinegar will remove any grease very effectively – more than any cleaners with harmful chemicals. Think about a drinking glass – if you want to clean it using a spray bottle, it would be less clean than actually washing it with dish soap and water.

Achieve a Dish Free Sink

When I am cooking, I always wash a dish or two whenever I wash my hands! This keeps the dishes from piling up so that by the end of my time in the kitchen, I only have a few things left to clean.

Windows and Light Fixtures

Many people think that home improvements, decorations, painting, or buying new furniture will brighten up their living spaces. However, one relatively simple way to brighten up your space is to clean your windows and light fixtures. Dirty windows will block out light that will make the room appear darker and less inviting. To clean my windows, I love using my glass cleaner. 

Cleaing the grooves of the window sill regularly can help with your health as you stay on top off the mold that accumulates in the gaps and it will also help the window slide open and work properly as well. I like to use this tool to help get in the grooves ad corners of the window track. 

Rubber Gloves

I like to wear rubber gloves when I am doing lots of scrubbing. Corn starch will keep the gloves dry and my hands will be more comfortable.

Refresh Your Pots and Pans

To refresh your pots and pans and make them shiny again, use baking soda, citric acid, dish soap, and water. It will foam up nicely! Give them a gentle scrub and they should be shiny and look great when you’re done.


One of the most efficenient investments we bought for our kitchen for every day use to warm up things from the freezer or make something for breakfast is our small oven. It is the size that I can fit two baking casserole in, but smaller than conventional oven. It heats up fast so we use less energy and it’s easier to clean because it’s smaller.

To remove stains, I use a magic eraser. To clean the grill, I use the same mix that I do on the pots and pans: baking soda, citric acid, dish soap, and water. Rinse with water, sprinkle a layer of baking soda on, drizzle with dish soap and then sprinkle a layer of citric acid. Let this foam away for a few minutes and then give it a little scrub. Then, rinse and it should look great!

Cabinet Doors

To wash off our cabinet doors, I use the herb-infused water. Dirt and grime wear down the finish on the cabinet doors. I clean it every season. Kitchen and bathroom require special attention. Cleaning eliminated germs along with dirt. As a result, you’ll have better air quality in your home. 

Noemi From Scandish Home

Stainless Steel Applicances

The first step to get a shiny stainless steel surface is clean it with the all-purpose cleaner and, in my case, using the herb-infused water. I love using this brush again to get in things like the grooves of the handles, door jams of the fridge, and the water dispenser in our fridge. Then, I let the appliance dry.

Cutting Boards

While the stainless steel appliances dry, I clean the cutting boards – and there is a reason for this order!

I use hydrogen peroxide on my cutting board. I let it sit for 30 seconds and then I rinse it. 

Then, I wipe down the cutting board with fractionated coconut oil on a paper towel. Here is the reason I do this while the stainless steel appliances are drying! I then use the same paper towel with some extra oil on it to make the stainless steel more shiny. This won’t collect dust as I wipe down any excess oil off with a dry cloth. It works beautifully to bring the stainless steel appliances back to life. 

Cast Iron

Cleaning case iron is very simple. I just like to use warm water and a brush without soap. I then wipe it dry and applye a thin layer of fractionated coconut oil with a paper towel.

Quartz Countertop Stains

I spray hydrogen peroxide on my countertops and then wipe down with magic eraser. These works perfectly to get any stains out!

How to Clean Kitchen Sink

If you want to have a nice, shiny sink, for the long term, make sure you don’t use baking soda dry. You need to cream it up with something else! I use some dish soap and lots of water. Adding some citrus acid helps it foam up nicely so it won’t damage the surface of the sink.

For stains, you guessed it! I use hydrogen peroxide and the magic eraser here as well.


Kitchen Floor

The kitchen floor is the hardest for me to keep up with. Usually, during the week, I like to use the vacuum cleaner. For the edges though, sometimes I like to go in to details with a broom.

To mop the kitchen floor, I love using my steam mop. It is not recommended to put anything in to the steam mop besides water, so I like to sprinkle a couple drops of essential oil straight on to the floor and mop over it for a fresh scent. 

Cleaning Small Appliances

I like to use magic erasers on my small appliances like the food processor, and then polish them with a dry rag.

Refresh Utensils

Soak utensils in water with some citric acid in it to refresh your utensils and shine them up a bit. This process makes my old utensils look so much nicer!

Drawer Organizer

I have this great drawer organizer for our utensils. To clean it, I just rinse and scrub using this brush with dish soap. I then dry and sanitize it by placing it in the sun, but not for too long because plastic doesn’t like sunshine. They age faster and turn yellow if in the sun for too long – so I’m just placing it in the sun for a few minutes to sanitize it a little.

Thank you guys so much for reading this post! I also made a video about these 20 tips which you can see down below! 

See you soon!


  1. Judy

    my clothes detergent is now $30.00 I use this one because my husband is so allergic to so many of the detergents he breaks out . What can I make perhaps I can make a small batch to try

    • Donna Hackworth

      To Judy,

      I also have sensitive skin. I have been using a laundry product called Puracy. It has clean ingredients.

  2. Debbie Easterly

    I discovered you last year and enjoy all of your videos and wait for new ones each week.
    I have made your all purpose cleaner with herbs and orange ess oil. Love it. 🙂
    Thanks so much for what you do!

  3. Beverly A Fish

    i am 76 and I found you on youtube. I love your sessions very much. you gave me inspiration to get up and move. keep up the goodI work.

    • Rita

      Agreed!! She’s great 🌹

      • Noemi


      • eveline kipping

        I wish I had your energy, you are motivational!
        I too procrastinate, now I need to give myself a good kick in the behind…lol
        Time to purge

      • Debbie Easterly

        I discovered you last year and enjoy all of your videos and wait for new ones each week.
        I have made your all purpose cleaner with herbs and orange ess oil. Love it. 🙂
        Thanks so much for what you do!


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