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Hey guys! I’m excited to share this news with you!



Let me know down below in the comments what kind of topics you want to see!


  1. Marion

    I just love all of your video’s. Enjoying it every week. So no special requests here. Have a beautyful day. Bye x

  2. Holly

    You are wonderful ❤️

  3. Michelle Jacoby

    So excited for you and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful content on your website and your newsletter ??

  4. Cindy Birchbauer

    My house has never been cleaner since you motivate me so much

  5. Anne Marie

    I am always interested in things you are doing to make your home a healthier place whether it’s natural cleaning products or foods. Also I love any of your gardening and outdoor content. (Honestly I love it all! )

  6. Diane

    Yay!!! More Scandish Home videos! Looking forward to them!

  7. Birdie

    That’s awesome, I’ve been following you for years and can’t wait to see the upcoming videos!!! Sending lots of love from our house to yours! ?☀️☀️☀️

  8. Joanne Wilde

    Love all your videos Noemi but always interested in gardening cooking and shopping hauls. Really appreciate all your hard work and the time involved- as you have such a busy life makes all your hard work all the more impressive thankyou much love from the UK XXX

  9. Mary

    Sounds so very exciting ?

  10. Chrissy

    Next, Noemi TV!


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