How to Clean Fridge Weekly and Deep Clean Occasionally

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We had a very relaxing Sunday and it was time to go through my fridge and clean it a little bit. I also wanted to make our raw veggies ready to eat.

I love to use jars for several reasons. They are inexpensive, their shape is so efficient, I can clearly see what’s in it and the healthiest option for food storage (small jars, medium jars, large jars). I use these lids with them as I enjoy the look and they are in one piece instead of the two-piece canning lids. Even further, I love how they look. I love that, instead of those wild patterned and harsh colored boxes that take my attention away from the food (they are in that box for a marketing reason they have to stand out so we would more likely to buy this not the other brand), I get to see the food itself and it will inspire me to get creative to cook with them.

I also like to keep my fridge organized with using these bins to store similar food items in. I use my homemade all purpose cleaner to wipe down the fridge and jars.

Here’s a video on how I clean out the fridge when I just wanna keep up with it weekly and another video for the deep cleaning fridge. I hope it will motivate you and inspire you!

xx Noemi

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