Creative Homemaking

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Doing the same chores at home can be very repetitive and because of that, chores can start to be less enjoyable. One way to combat this is to put creativity in the tasks, the willingness to learn new things, and the desire to improve. For example, finding an inexpensive way to improve the back porch with a homemade fountain will add an accomplishment and you will enjoy your time there after the hard work.



The next task in this video is to make a Hungarian csalamade which is a summer salad mix that is slightly fermented (recipe in the video). The more colorful veggies you can gather, the better the taste and it gives me joy to buy colorful veggies and admire how they look. Sometimes I like to change it up a little and work at the dining table as I’m cutting the vegetables.





Changing the scenery can help to break up the repetitiveness. That’s why I like to fold on the ironing board as well. It helps with the folding as I can adjust the height and it’s not slippery as I fold the twisted shirts. I can also fold anywhere and that includes sometimes outside on the deck! 🙂







Cooking and trying new flavors, organizing a different way, and making homemade detergent is also an area we can add creativity to make it more interesting. There are so many options these days to get ideas from online but even if you just try to work with what you have at home, it can be rewarding! Look for new ways to get the chores done, aim for improving, create an environment that is enjoyable for you with having a great music on or sipping on a tea! Be in the present as you do the chores – it will be very grounding and help you appreciate what you have.





Get some ideas from my video on how to get creative in homemaking and enjoy it!




  1. Eileen

    Hi Noemi I love your YouTube videos, I find them very therapeutic to watch. I also love the links you post for some of the items you use especially the Zwilliger vacuum food storage system. I would love to know where you purchase all the white top storage jars you use in your pantry and your wooden trays that you use to eat your meals on.

    • Noemi

      Hi Eileen! Thank you so much for watching my YouTube videos, it means so much to me! ❤️ You can find many of the products I use at this link in my Amazon store!

      The jars I use in my pantry are just mason jars with these lids:
      The meal trays I have are from Ikea! I have not used these ones, but they look similar and have good reviews on Amazon:

  2. Julie Gauchay

    Hello! I love your videos, Noemi! Thanks for sharing your love of homemaking with us. You’ve always got great ideas, and I am amazed at how much you accomplish!

    I wondered if you have a video or have made a list somewhere about how you keep vegetables fresh in the refrigerator till you’re ready to use them? I feel like I waste so much produce because I never know how to store it to maximize its (fridge) shelf life.

    (P.S. Thanks to you, I’ve invested in the Zwilling resealable system, and so far I have LOVED using it for freezer items! I still need to get a handle on how to better use it in the fridge, tho.) 💜

    • Noemi

      Hi Julie 🤗🤗 I am so glad you enjoy my videos, it means so much to me that you take the time to watch them! Thank you ❤ The best way I keep my vegetables fresh is using the Zwilling system. I put my veggies in there and sometimes with a dry paper towel and they stay fresh in the fridge for so long! I would try that and I think you will love it 😃❤

  3. Gia

    In your Feb. 4, 2023 video, you use a cloth for cleaning the bathroom and what you call a “soft scrubber which dries in 10 minutes” for the kitchen.

    What brand are they? Where do I find them?

    • Noemi

      Hi Gia! Here is the link to the soft scrubbing towels I use for cleaning my bathroom and kitchen ❤ Thank you so much for watching my videos! ❤


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