Hello Guys!

In the today’s video I’m gonna share how we like to spend our time up in the mountains and how we decorate the Christmas tree. It’s a very calming and cozy video with some fun inspiration. Also I created a free download for you (for personal use)so you can recreate what we did in this video. This is my way of thanking you for supporting and watching my channel! Hope you have just as much fun to create them as much as we did! To see the video how we made it check out Scandish Home on You tube.

Have a Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

xx Noemi

Here’s the free download for you to create a little village! Hope you enjoy it! If you like it and you made it, feel free to tag me on Instagram at Scandish.home so I can see your creation! 🙂


Click here to download pdf 

Click here to down load 


  1. MISTI

    Thank you for the free printable! My 6yo granddaughter is with us a lot, and we love simple little crafts, she will LOVE this!! We have bought one of your prints, and we are always drawing little scenes based on yours (which is WAY better than ours, but you have to start somewhere, right?)

    I love your website, and your channel, keep up the great work!

    thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  2. Iva

    Thank you!

    • Noemi

  3. Debbie

    Thank you , thank you! This is such a sweet gift to share with us. I will print it today and every time I look at it on my shelf, I will think of you! Love your stories, and getting glimpses into your sweet life. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Big Hug!

    • Noemi

      Hugs Debbie ❤ I’m so glad you liked it!

  4. Di

    Thank you so much for this gift and sharing.
    I look forward to when you have your other creations for sale. I always admire your lovely house window decorations.

  5. Shannon

    Thank You!!!

    • Noemi


  6. Teresa Sond

    After a long week and no let up from our UK lock down, this is a lovely surprise. I’ve been admiring these for a long time. Thank you x

    • Noemi

      ❤❤ I’m so glad you enjoyed using these, Teresa!

  7. Katy

    Bonjour Noémie,
    Merci d’avoir pensé à tous les abonnés, c’est tellement gentil à vous, ce cadeau est parfait !
    Vous avez une merveilleuse famille 🙂
    Encore merci et à très vite dans une prochaine vidéo.
    Big hug From France 🙂

  8. Kayoua Kalina

    Thank you for sharing your cute scandish house print out for us. I’ve been loving your little house for a very long time. Now I will have it to decorate my house for Christmas. Thank you.


  9. Kathryn

    Thank you Noemi I love these little red roof houses! What a great gift!
    I enjoy your videos and all your ideas… thank you. I am a fan in McMinnville Oregon
    We met at the ScanFair a year ago. I love mushrooms and Gnomes too. All the best. your
    fan, Kathryn

  10. Amy

    Thank you for the houses! I love them!


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