Fun Fall Traditions with

Simple Living


Fall is my favorite season of all. If we are lucky, we get a dry sunny fall weather. The smell of the dry leaves and the gorgeous golden yellow leaves are something I really enjoy. It’s also a time for me when I like to gather beautiful pumpkins, squashes and many other fall goodies in my pantry.

One favorite that is my highlight of the fall and I can easily say to my whole family is going to a chestnut farm. This year it was even more special because we usually have rain around this time but we were lucky enough to enjoy our trip in a warm sunny weather. I loved the simplicity of this farm and we roasted chestnuts over the fire and definitely gathered more then we planed on. It was so hard to stop we were keep finding bigger and shinier ones!

Since we ended up with so many of this delicious fall treat we also learned how to preserve chestnut for the winter. Here’s a video how we spent our day and what we did with the chestnut to keep them fresh for the winter!

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