This recipe is a traditional Christmas food for us for years. I grew up with the taste of this food on Christmas-eve. Now that I can make it I sure use this recipe more often than just once a year but it’s still taste Christmas to me. We were planing to go up to the mountains to cut a Christmas tree and that’s another holiday tradition for us for 18 years. We buy the permit and we head up there with some friends and food and spend a day to have fun. This year we went there early because the ScanFair  will be falling on the weekend when we usually heading up there. Here’s the fun event with the video about it and of course there’s no video without food idea or recipe in it so I’m sharing the hunters’ stew recipe here with you.


10 slice of chuck roast or shoulder cut very thin ( if you are vegan you can skip the meat part still gonna taste good)  šŸ™‚

7 carrots

7 turnips  (mine where giant so if you have small ones  just double it up it’s just has to be equal. As many carrots you use, you have to have that many turnip as well,  don’t worry if they are not exactly the same size. That’s why I like the video you can see it there. šŸ™‚

5 bay leaf

1 and a half tbsp mustard

about 5 cups of water

1 tsp salt but use more if you have a lighter salt like I have I just taste it and add more if needed


First I make the thin slice of beef brown on some ghee with some salt. Don’t worry about to cook through we will cook the carrots and turnip with it, Once the meat fibers are closed I put all the veggies on the top with some salt, bay leaf  and the water. I let it cook for about an hour or so until the meat is tender and the veggies are soft. Next I remove the bay leaves and I put all the veggies into my vitamix. It took me 2 load and I had some extra water on the end I didn’t use. I used as much water in the mixer to be able to achieve a paste texture. I keep the meat separately until I serve it, Gnocchi or pasta both great with it, we used pasta. I mix the pasta with the carrot paste and I put the meat on the top. Enjoy!

xx Noemi



  1. Ildiko

    Hi Noemi! I recently found your channel and got addicted to it! Love the food preserving, cooking, decorating, cleaning tips I can just go on and on. Love that you are humble and inspiring to so many of us in the world. Watching you from Canada šŸ™‚ have not made Hunter’s stew in a long time what a great idea …making vadas this weekend.

  2. Annie

    All these years I’ve been watching you on YouTube, I’ve never known your name!! Hello, from Canada! Love your channel so much. Especially the food and decorating.

  3. Joe

    Hunters stew is sooo good !

  4. Melissa

    This sounds lovely! When do you add the mustard? Iā€™m definitely going to be trying this recipe ā¤ļø


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