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10 Minute Cleaning Routine

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Hey guys! 


In this post, I am going to share how I clean my house with just a 10 minutes cleaning routine for each room. I am using all natural cleaners that are easy on your budget and are very safe for your health!


I will share tips on how I simplified my cleaning routine and ways to make homemaking a little more fun.


Repeating the same tasks every day can be boring and daunting, but this is about maintaining. Maintaining is about caring – caring about our family, our loved ones, our home.


We have seasons in our life when things are so busy, but you can get done a lot in 10 minutes!


Messiness is not the same thing as clutter. Messiness is part of life and creativity but clutter is something that can make you feel tired. Having a clutter-free home can help your health and improve your life, and will make the cleaning easier too!


Bedroom – 10 minutes cleaning routine

In the bedroom, simplify cleaning:


  • Have only as much decor as you can handle
  • Own a rug if you don’t mind vacuuming it
  • Use decorative pillows and quilt if you don’t mind moving them around every night and morning
  • Dry mop for a speedy floor clean up


Have a place for everything, your cleaning time will be greatly reduced!

Dining Room – 10 minutes cleaning routine 


This is the easiest room to simplify. Wy? Because I can dress up the table with the food and a tablecloth. It doesn’t need a lot of decor! I have a blank space – just table and a mantle that I can decorate for each season. Or, I can bring attention to the food when I set the table.


For cleaning, all this area needs is to clean the table and a quick mop or vacuum for the floor.

Entry Way – 5 minutes cleaning routine 

The entry way is a high traffic area. In our entry way we have hooks for the coats and backpacks, a shelf for the shoes, and simple and flat decor that works for the small space.


To clean it in 5 minutes, I wipe down the door around the handle and lock where it gets touched the most, vacuum, and wipe down any surfaces.

Laundry – 10 minutes folding per day 

In this room, just be sure to clean the lint traps! One little tip I have is that hangers can save time but not space!



I really don’t mind folding, actually I like it – to a certain degree, as long as there’s not to much to do! If I were left with a huge pile, I would feel discouraged. Since it’s a smaller pile, it’s very easy to do it.


Kitchen – 10 minutes cleaning routine 

This is the room that is the hardest, at least for me, to keep up with. I like to cook and bake a lot. So there are some staples that I like to get done if I don’t have a lot of time.


Cleaning out the sink from the dishes and cleaning the cook top helps me to stay on top of the mess. Sometimes, I have to do this more than once a day, but this kind of 10 minutes of reset helps it not turn into it looking like there was a tornado in the kitchen!


If I don’t have enough time or the day is really crazy, I at least like to take the dishes from the kitchen island and put them in the sink. If I can get the island clean from dishes and clutter, it helps a lot.


If I am cooking, I like to clean a dish every time I wash my hands. This helps to stay on top of the dishes.




To keep up with the floor, I like my cordless vacuum cleaner and the steam mop. This is a game changer for a person like me! I used to procrastinate mopping the floor because bringing out the bucket and filling it up with water, emptying it out in the garden, seemed like so much work. Now, I just plug in the steam mop and it’s ready to use with much less physical input.


Living Room – 10 minutes cleaning routine 

Since this is the area where all the family likes to gather, we like to keep it simple so that it is easier to tidy up.


Here is an easy system to maintain clutter:

  • Items can be put away with one move
  • Everything has a place
  • Reduced to the items you every day
  • Just enough decoration to enoy, but not too much so the cleaning remains simple


In this room, I wipe down the coffee table. I also freshen up the room by rubbing lavendar buds in to the couch and vacuuming them up. This is way better than baking soda because the fine dust can ruin the motor in the vacuum cleaner. Fluff the pillows and a quick vacuum and you are all done with this room!



I love taking care of the chickens and gathering the eggs. This is where I start for the outside chores. I then pick the day’s produce and store them. This is the most delicious part of the day!


In the summer, I serve more raw vegetables from our garden which saves me time as I don’t have to cook as much.


Check out the video below to see how I store lots of herbs from our garden. I use the herbs to make teas, flavor our food and give extra nutrients, and a little to decorate our home with.


Bathroom – 10 minutes cleaning routine 


Cleaning always starts with tidying up so we like to keep things simple and constantly evaluate what we truly need.


The fastest way to clean the bathroom is just to spray down everything so in one move, I can get everything soaking from the water and vinegar mixture. While I clean one area, the other can soak. Soaking is extremely important if you don’t like to scrub. Waiting it out will reduce the time of cleaning as you let the water and vinegar do the work. Then, wipe everything down!


Keeping a relatively (not perfect :)) clean home can be very daunting because I have to repeat the same things over and over. Letting go of all the clutter will help reduce the cleaning time.


I keep in mind, if I’m caring about these things, I’m caring about my family and I’m caring for myself. I try to come from the perspective that I am so thankful that I have someone to care for and a home to care for.



  1. Aileen Jackson

    You bring so much joy to many.

    • Noemi

      Thank you so much for your kind words!! I’m so happy to hear that.❤❤

  2. Stephanie D.

    Hello Noemi, I’m from France, and I discovered your videos during my journey to find out ways to declutter my home, and my life.
    They bring me a lot of good advices, methodology simple to follow, and show me what a clean and clutter-free home would look like.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this to us, it is really inspiring me every day!

    • Noemi

      Hi Stephanie! Thank you so much for saying that ❤ I’m soo glad you enjoy the tips I share and that they are helpful for you. Thank you so much for reading my post and watching my videos, it means a lot to me! 😊❤

  3. Cynthia Howe

    10 minute tidy’s are so helpful. I like to set my timer and see how much I can get done. 🙂

  4. Jane


    I have been following you on YouTube since the very beginning. You have inspired me in so many ways. I am so grateful for your news letter.

    • Noemi

      That makes me so happy to hear that Jane!! Thank you for all of your support, it means so much to me 😃❤❤

  5. Silvia

    Tank you!!!
    A kiss for you!

    • Noemi

      Thank you for reading, Silvia! Xx❤

  6. Carol

    I watch your videos every morning. It’s like having breakfast with a friend!

    • Noemi

      I love that Carol! Thank you so much for watching my videos, I really appreicate your time! 😃💞😁

  7. Melonie K.

    I love your note about decorative pillows. I quit using decorative pillows over a decade ago. I really disliked dealing with them, especially in the bedroom. I have a diploma in interior design and was in that mindset that they were needed, because it’s SO EASY to change things up with pillows. But they annoyed me, especially with a dog & her hair on them! 😉 My life is easier having gotten rid of them. I still really love to look at them in stores and pictures, but don’t bring any home.

  8. ChrissyNes

    Working from home I thought my home would be more clean. But trying these 10 minutes cleaning tips just might do the trick. Thank you Noemi!🍄🫶🏻

    • Noemi

      Woohoo I hope these help for you! 😁❤

  9. Lydia Campbell

    This is a bit off topic but I noticed in one of your videos that you had a headache and were drinking Tulsi tea with ginger. Is part of the reason you are gluten & dairy free to help with headaches?
    I suffer with migraines and giving up dairy, gluten & caffeine has really helped me. Do you have any other tips please?

    • Noemi

      Hi Lydia! Yes my family eats gluten and dairy free as it helps us feel our best. 🙂

  10. Lynne

    I always appreciate your optimistic approach to home keeping, Noemi!
    You have a gift of motivating others. You have most definitely motivated me. I see it in our home and feel it in our lifestyle every day!


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