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I had a big event around the corner and I wanted to save some time by preparing some meals ahead. I have a ton of work to do this weekend to get ready and want to get the food preparing done ahead of time. I had an idea that I want to try out to simplify how I use the food I purchase!

For my groceries, I like to go to Natural Grocers as all of their produce is organic and they have their own brand name food which is less expensive. They also package their produce that needs to be eaten before it goes bad and they mark this produce down. This is perfect to go home and cook with right away! They also have spots in the store where you can buy food for cheaper usually because the food is either close to the expiration date or the packaging might be a little damaged. They also have a bulk section which you can save so much on! Make sure to check out tips like these in stores close to you, if you don’t have a Natural Grocers.

Legumes like beans are so much cheaper in bulk rather than canned food as well. All you have to do is soak them and cook them at home! Even though canned beans might only be $.99, you can still save so much more if you make them at home.

I also bought these awesome Pyrex glass with a lid! I had the idea in my head to buy this for a while but I let it sit there just to be sure before I purchase something in my kitchen (after all I have to store it somewhere lol). It turns out I think I found a gem! It is in my Amazon store for you guys and linked above in green!

It’s a baking dish with a lid – all I have to do is to chop up veggies, put spice and ghee on them, put the lid on, and it will be ready when I need it. How convenient that I just have to grab it from the fridge (I try to take it out 15 minutes before I put it in the oven), then pop it in the oven with one move! I don’t have to worry about what we’re going to have for lunch. It is so convenient and baking in the oven makes it so easy as I can put it in the oven and go about other tasks as I don’t have to be in the kichen while it’s cooking!

Here’s the video below where I share the grocery shopping, food preparing, and ScandFair projects. I also share how I prepare things like pomegranate, sweet potato, and parsnips, and what I do with all my extra vegetables to make some soup stock!

I also have a post all about how I keep my fridge clean every week, if you wan to check that out too!

Bonus? You guys have been asking for me to show how I hip hop (taking classes for a while and I really enjoy it) and I included it in this video!

Enjoy and you guys and have a fun weekend!


xx Noemi


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