I am Noemi and I’m so happy to have you here!


I am a mother of two amazing boys, a wife to Z, and a watercolor artist. I love cooking for my family and I have a passion to create the coziest home for us as possible.


I share videos on my YouTube (@Scandish Home) every Saturday at 6 AM, occasional newsletters, and am slowly adding more recipes here, on my website! If you’d like to receive my newsletters, you can sign up HERE.


I started adding videos to YouTube almost 6 years ago, and I now have gotten to know some of my 300,000+ suscribers! I can’t believe it and I am so thankful for each person that watches my videos or says hi! In my weekly videos, I share tips on homemaking, all natural living, healthy living, gluten and dairy free cooking and baking, non toxic cleaning, and gardening.


If you are interested in making some gluten free recipes, here are a few of my favorites on the website: the best gluten free bread, apple fritters, and gluten free pizza. I also love to share homemaking tips such as why I make my own homemade cleaners and how I clean my home with just 10 minute routines.


Thank you so so much for reading and for being here. I am thankful for you!

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